RSO Topical For Aches and Pains

RSO Topical For Aches and Pains

RSO Topical For Aches and Pains

Could RSO be the solution for your aches and pains?

RSO or full spectrum extract is an extremely potent cannabis extract. As a full spectrum extract, RSO contains all the other cannabinoids found in the marijuana plant, essential oils, plant material, terpenes, and flavonoids. It’s believed that when you combine all elements from the plant, you can boost the effectiveness of the compounds. This is known as the entourage effect.

As we get older, our bodies take longer to recover from injuries. The same applies if we lead active and physical lifestyles. Those small niggling aches and pains soon turn into bigger pains that take longer to recover from. Of course, there are a variety of pharmaceutical options for pain relief. Still, they also come with a long list of negative side-effects such as nausea, diarrhea, and even addiction.

What if there was a natural solution to the pain associated with joint and muscle pain? Well, there could be, and it might just be RSO. One of the biggest advantages of full spectrum cannabis extracts is that there is its versatility. There are a variety of different ways that you can incorporate RSO into your daily health and wellness routine.


When you ingest any cannabis product, the result is going to be what is known as a full-body high. While you may help to reduce the pain, you’re experiencing. You may also find yourself extremely high and unable to accomplish many of your usual daily activities. If you are experiencing immense amounts of pain, this could be a viable option. However, if you’re trying to target a specific area, then applying RSO topically could be an option.

When you apply the RSO to an external part of your body, for example, a sore muscle or joint, the cannabinoids are absorbed through the skin. The THC interacts with the cannabinoid receptors found just under the skin, where they communicate with the Endocannabinoid System.


Generally, when you apply any cannabis topicals or oils to your skin, you won’t get the same physical high that you would experience if you consumed the cannabis oil, smoked, or vaped it. It’s one of the benefits of using a topical or external application compared to an internal application of cannabis oil.


It’s one of the most commonly asked questions regarding any RSO products or external applications. There’s no straightforward answer as no two people are the same, and their tolerances and the pain that they’re experiencing are always different.

Most experts agree that it’s always best to follow the manufacturer’s dosage instructions with any cannabis products that you purchase. Read them carefully and always start off with the minimum amount recommended. After you have tried with smaller amounts, gradually increase the dosage until you find a comfortable level that suits you.


There have been a variety of different studies into the effectiveness of cannabinoids for pain relief associated with aches in muscles and joints. Cannabinoids such as THC interact with the receptors in the Endocannabinoid System (ECS). Regardless of whether or not you have ever tried a cannabis product, you still have an ECS.

It’s believed that the ECS is responsible for maintaining balance and harmony throughout our internal systems. A lot of pain we experience is associated with inflammation. Inflammation is the body’s natural response to any injury. Studies have shown that cannabinoids can be effective at reducing inflammation. It makes sense that if you can reduce the inflammation, you’ll reduce the pain associated with the injury.

We still have a lot to learn about how different cannabinoids affect the body and how effective they are at treating different conditions. Always consult your doctor or healthcare provider if you are currently using any medication and considering trying cannabis products.


What You Need To Know About Vaping CBD

What You Need To Know About Vaping CBD

What You Need To Know About Vaping CBD

Your local corner store has put out the signs, specific shops are popping up all over the place, even the grocery store pharmacy has a small section. CBD is here and it’s not going anywhere.  With this sudden influx of new products and companies, it’s difficult to pick the perfect product that is right for your body.  It may seem like doing CBD is just the ‘in’ thing to do right now, but many people are actually doing CBD for the benefits and need to know advantages and disadvantages of each type of CBD administration.  We are going to explore everything you need to know about vaping CBD.

CBD can be taken in many different ways.  Each is delivered to the body differently.  Eating CBD isn’t very effective at the end of the day.  If you are looking for the benefits and don’t want to waste any CBD, avoid eating your CBD.

The goal is to get CBD into the bloodstream.  It then can be available biologically.  A great way to deliver CBD is to use a vape.  The lungs are one of the best places for substance delivery in the body.


Before we get into why vaping is the most efficient administration method for CBD, there are a few things to understand.  First, CBD and THC are two of the over 100 known chemical compounds in the cannabis plant.  CBD has gained recent popularity for two reasons: the research into CBD medicinal properties is very promising and it doesn’t get you high.

CBD has an effect on us because we have cannabis like neurotransmitters naturally produced by the body, called endocannabinoids.  They are believed to activate receptors in the brain that control important functions like mood, sleep, and inflammation.  These neurotransmitters and receptors are a part of the Endocannabinoid System or ECS.

Delivery method is huge when you understand the ECS.  For CBD to have an effect it must be distributed around the body by our bloodstream.  Only then can it get to the ECS and get to work.



Vaping CBD is the most efficient deliver method for CBD.  As soon as the smoke is inhaled, the blood in your lungs is absorbing the CBD and delivering it throughout the body.  Experts believe that vaping will make most of the CBD in the product available for the body to use.

Vape pens are battery heated smoking devices.  They look like a metal cigarette, consisting of three parts: a rechargeable battery, a cartridge full of liquid, and a mouthpiece.

The liquid is heated and vaporized at the push of a button, making it available to inhale.  Since marijuana legalization, vaping products have taken a huge share in the cannabis consumable space.  They are easy to use and highly efficient in delivering cannabinoids to the bloodstream.

Some vape pens are better than others having a superior battery technology or delivering a smoother hit.  A battery vaporizes the liquid, it’s inhaled, absorbed into the bloodstream and exhaled.  Pretty simple.  Where things get complicated is in the substance that is being vaporized. 



There are two different types of vapes, ones that require a liquid and those that use a cartridge.  Understanding the difference is very important.

E-liquid vapes are these gigantic robot looking things people suck on and blow out enormous, fruity smelling clouds.  These are fueled by what is known as juice.  This is usually a mixture of vegetable glycerin (VG), propylene glycol (PG) and the active ingredient, usually nicotine or cannabis.  VG and PG are heavily debated online.  Some say they are perfectly safe to inhale, others warn that these additives have serious consequences.

The truth is we don’t really know what will happen to these people who are going through bottles of vape juice consistently over years and years.  Vaping at this rate is a new phenomenon.  We don’t recommend anyone start smoking if they aren’t already doing so, but if you are going to do it, it may be a good idea to avoid the E-juice route.

Cartridges of CBD oil readily made for vaping is the other option.  This is not to be confused with CBD oil that is in a tincture, meant to be used orally or sublingually.  CBD oil in a tincture is not designed to be smoked.  The cartridges found in vape pens are usually free from additives like VG, PG, and vitamin E acetate (another substance you may not want in your lungs).

Legit CBD vape companies are upfront with what is in their products.  You just want hemp extract in your pen cartridge if you are looking to benefit from CBD.  Sometimes they will add terpenes (amazing compounds found in all plants) for additional benefits.



Vaping cannabis is a superior delivery method because of the high bioavailability the smoke provides.  This means your CBD isn’t wasted.  This stuff is expensive, especially if you are doing it right.  CBD needs to be taken regularly to reap the rewards.  

When CBD is inhaled, you will almost immediately feel the benefits, as opposed to edible CBD where the stomach takes hours to break it down and delivery through the bloodstream.  If you are looking for CBD to improve your life and aren’t worried about hot smoke entering your lungs this is the delivery method for you.

Cartridges of CBD also make the entourage effect available.  CBD nerds swear by it and they are supported by real scientific research.  It is believed that when CBD is introduced to the body with other cannabinoids and terpenes that you will receive more benefits.  Since cartridges are made of actual CBD distillate, they can possess other cannabinoids and terpenes, also known as full spectrum CBD or broad spectrum CBD.



Obviously, you don’t want these harmful additives going into your lungs.  The best way to be sure is to do a little homework on the product you are interested in.  Most vape pens sold by CBD companies are free of VG and PG but it doesn’t hurt to make sure.

If the company is legit, they will most likely be bragging about not containing these additives.  Real, trusted cannabis companies want to provide products from the Earth, not synthetics.



The online CBD marketplace is still basically a free for all.  It’s truly the wild west out here.  That is why when buying any cannabis product online, you need to do your research.  

Make sure the company has 3rd party lab tested products.  This will ensure the products actually have CBD in them.

CO2 extraction is another thing to make sure of.  If the company has lab tests, they are probably using this extraction method, too.  It doesn’t hurt to make sure.

Look at reviews, most companies will have plenty.  If the company is new and they don’t have many reviews yet, email them.  Ask these important questions.  They will most likely send you a discount code as well.

Vape pens are an awesome new cannabis technology.  When bought from a legit source this is by far the best way to deliver CBD.  Just make sure you aren’t inhaling harmful additives, even if the company swears they are safe, we don’t truly know the side-effects of long term use.




RSO Topical For Aches and Pains



What’s the difference between RSO and THC Distillate? Let’s check it out!

The cannabis scene is growing in leaps and bounds at the moment, and with all this growth, we see a lot of new innovation.  All this innovation is leading to a variety of new products hitting the shelves of dispensaries and cannabis companies across the country.  It’s no surprsie that consumers have a lot of questions about things like RSO and THC distillate.

In the following article, we’re going to take a closer look at what full spectrum extract is, why it’s important, and what its effects are.  We’ll also look at RSO, different extraction methods, different processes, and the best way to consume them.


There is no doubt that you’re going to encounter the term ‘full spectrum’ when you start looking at concentrates, but what does full spectrum mean?  When you purchase any cannabis product which is full spectrum, it means that you’re getting all the cannabinoids, essential oils, flavonoids, and terpenes from the plant material.

It’s believed that by combining all these different elements, you can promote the ‘entourage effect; where each element works together with the other to boost the ffects of each.  Rather than just focus on the cannabinoid THC, you also include all the other cannabinoids which naturally occur in the plant.  Although the amounts of other cannabinoids are much smaller than the dominant cannabinoid THC, they all work together.


Unlike full spectrum cannabis products, THC distillate has had all other compounds stripped away during the process and manufacturing process.  All essential oils, terpenes, plant material, flavonoids, and other cannabinoids have been removed, leaving only the primary cannabinoid, THC.

When you buy vape liquids, edibles, and concentrates, the main ingredient is usually THC distillate because it’s completely flavourless, odorless, and tasteless.  This makes it great for these products, with many companies actually adding artificial flavouring and aroma into the product to make you think that you’re vaping a ‘cannabis’ product.


Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) is a full spectrum cannabis oil product that was developed by and named after Rick Simpson, a medical marijuana activist from Canada.  Many of the early RSO oils were different than other extracts because they contain extremely high amounts of THC.

RSO is also known as full extract cannabis oil because it’s a full spectrum cannabis oil that contains all the elements of the cannabis plant that we spoke of above.  As a cannabis advocate, Rick Simpson never sold cannabis products but encouraged people to create their own cannabis extracts at home.



To create cannabis isolates and distillates, you first need to extract the different compounds from the cannabis plant itself.  Creating cannabis distillates is a more straightforward process compared to cannabis isolates as there are fewer steps involved.  Cannabis distillates have largely borrowed the process from other nanufacturing techniques used to create plant distillates such as perfumes, essential oils, and cooking oils.

The most common method to create cannabis distillates is known as short path distillation.  As the name suggests, it involves creating a distillate using the shortest path possible between two vessels, utilizing precise temperature control and alcohol.  The plant material is fed into a large vessel, where heat and vacuum are used to pull the vapour into a secondary vessel where it’s condensed back into a liquid form.  The process can be repeated multiple times until you are left with a highly refined and potent product,

When you are making isolates, you need to isolate the target compound, in this case, THC.  There are various steps that must be taken to separate it from all the other plant materials and compounds.  The first step in the process is to separate the cannabinoids from the plant material using C)2 extraction or solvents.  This removes the cannabinoids from plant material but still brings some other compounds with it.

The next step in the process is known as winterization.  This is where a solvent is used to strip all the leftover compounds until only the cannabinoid is left.  The next step is known as decarboxylation, where the cannabinoids are heated to the desired temperature to activate their full effects.  The final step in the process is short path distillation, where the material is purified and refined into the end product.


There are a variety of different ways that you can consume both RSO and also distillates. The most common method is to turn them into an edible or capsule. You can put an exceedingly small and measured dose into a capsule and take it orally. Other people often create their own edibles such as candy, cookies, or cakes and consume them that way.

Another method that’s gaining popularity is to consume them using a dab rig. However, it’s recommended that you start off with a small amount and gradually increase how much you dab until you find a comfortable level that suits you.


What you choose is ultimately up to you. There are advantages and disadvantages to both full spectrum extracts and distillates. As the cannabis culture across the country continues to grow and demand from consumers increases, we’re going to see a lot more innovation in the cannabis market, and it’s definitely worth getting excited about.


What You Need To Know About Vaping CBD

How Does CBD and Vitamin C Help Boost Your Immune System?

How Does CBD and Vitamin C Help Boost Your Immune System?

If you have been searching for a way to boost your immune system before the cold winter months roll in, then CBD and Vitamin C could be just what you need!

As the warm months of summer leave us and the colder months of winter roll in, it’s time that we all started taking a proactive approach to our health. Regardless of the current COVID-19 pandemic sweeping the globe, flu season is fast approaching, and we all need to be taking steps to boost our immune system and health.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has released necessary preventative steps that all people can take to help prevent them from getting COVID-19. Still, there are also some proactive steps we should all be taking before every flu season sets in.

The old saying ‘prevention is the best medicine’ isn’t further from the truth, and that’s why we’re talking about CBD and Vitamin C. In the following article, we’re going to take a closer at what CBD and Vitamin C are, how they work, and how they could help you boost your immune system.


Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of over 100 cannabinoids found in the hemp plant. Unlike the other well-known cannabinoid THC, CBD is non-psychotropic. What does that mean? It means that CBD isn’t going to get you ‘high’ as THC would. CBD is also 100% legal.

Inside all of us is something known as the Endocannabinoid System (ECS). It’s believed that the ECS is responsible for maintaining balance and harmony throughout the central nervous system and immune system. When your body isn’t balanced, cannabinoids like CBD can step in along with the ECS and restore things to the balanced and healthy levels that they’re supposed to be at.

The ECS is made up of a series of receptors linked together and spread throughout the body. It’s the way that the ECS is made up, which makes CBD so popular. CBD’s versatility means that there are a variety of different ways that you can easily incorporate CBD into your daily life, including CBD oils, CBD tinctures, CBD vape liquids, CBD topicals, and CBD edibles.

There are various reasons that people worldwide are turning to CBD and incorporating them into their daily lives. Some of the more popular reasons include:

  • Stress, relaxation, and mental health issues
  • Muscle aches, headaches, muscle pain, and joint pain
  • Inflammation
  • Acne and other skin conditions

Research and studies worldwide have shown that CBD has the potential to be a potent natural anti-inflammatory. There have also been some exciting studies that looked at CBD’s ability to help with relaxation. It makes sense that if you can relax more, you’ll reduce the stress in your life and potentially avoid mental health conditions such as anxiety.


We wish we could say that Vitamin C could cure a common cold, but unfortunately, it can’t, but that doesn’t mean it’s not great for you and shouldn’t be part of your regular health wellness routine. Some of the reasons everyone should be taking Vitamin C include cardiovascular deficiencies, eye disease, skin wrinkling, prenatal health, and immune system deficiencies.

There was a recent study conducted into Vitamin C, published in Seminars in Preventative and Alternative Medicine, which summarized and examined over 100 different Vitamin C studies.

Vitamin C has received a great deal of attention, and with good reason. Higher blood levels of vitamin C may be the ideal nutrition marker for overall health,” says study researcher Mark Moyad, MD, MPH, of the University of Michigan. “The more we study vitamin C, the better our understanding of how diverse it is in protecting our health, from cardiovascular, cancer, stroke, eye health [and] immunity to living longer.

CBD and Vitamin C Together Conclusion

CBD and Vitamin C are great companions. Vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid, helps to speed up your body’s ability to absorb CBD, which makes them the perfect pair. Vitamin C helps protect you from free radicals while also strengthening your bones, skin, and vascular system while also increasing your disease resistance. Your body doesn’t have the ability to produce its own CBD or Vitamin C, but some fantastic products conveniently combine these to beneficial compounds.

Although we still have a long way to go before we fully understand CBD’s potential health benefits, research around the world is coming up with a lot of positive results. More clinical trials are needed before we can definitively say what CBD can and can’t do, but anecdotal evidence from millions of people worldwide points towards CBD being an essential part of our daily health routine.

The versatility of CBD means that there are a variety of different ways that you can incorporate CBD into your daily life. Always speak to your doctor or healthcare professional before taking any CBD products if you are taking any prescription medicines.


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What You Need To Know About Vaping CBD

Isolates vs. Distillates: Your Guide to Purified Cannabis

Isolates vs. Distillates: Your Guide to Purified Cannabis

Curious about trying different cannabis products, but you’re not sure where to start? Then check out our article on isolates versus distillates, the complete guide to pure and concentrated cannabis!
There are many different terms that you’ll need to learn when you first start shopping for cannabis products, but the good news is that it won’t take you long. It can be quite intimidating for new users trying to learn different terms like isolate, distillate, and broad spectrum, but once you learn them, you’ll be kicking yourself for being hesitant to try CBD.

Around the world, more and more people are turning to natural products such as CBD to help with various conditions. It’s essential to remember that CBD isn’t a miracle cure. No two conditions or people are the same, and what works for one person or condition may not work for another. In the following article, we will be taking a look at CBD isolates versus CBD distillate.


When you purchase a CBD isolate, you’re getting an isolated form of cannabidiol (CBD). All other plant material, essential oils, terpenes, and cannabinoids are stripped away during the manufacturing process, leaving only pure CBD. If you’re concerned about drug tests, then CBD isolates products are the best way to go because everything, including any traces of THC, has been stripped away.

CBD isolate is utilized in various products, including CBD oils, CBD gummies, and CBD edibles. Almost all CBD isolate is 99% pure CBD. You can also obtain CBD isolate in a powder or crystal form.


When you purchase a CBD distillate, you’re getting a product that contains other plant materials, essential oils, terpenes, and other cannabinoids. It’s believed that by combining all of these elements, you can enhance the ability or effectiveness of the CBD. This is known as the entourage effect.

If you’re looking for the most effective and natural CBD product, then a CBD distillate may be a better option than an isolate.


Another product that you may have heard of is THC distillate. THC distillate is a concentrated form of THC with all other cannabinoids and materials stripped away, leaving a potent final product. You could choose either a THC distillate or CBD distillate. THC or CBD distillate are the base ingredients for almost all vape liquids and oils. Distillate refers to the process which is used during the purification process.

A THC distillate would be a potent THC dominant compound. It is usually flavorless and odorless, making it an ideal base for a variety of other products. If you are using any distillates, you should be cautious about how much you use because they can be extremely potent, and their potency, which makes them so sought after by cannabis enthusiasts.


1. CBD Isolates

CBD derived from CBD-rich Hemp plants. Isolates contain only pure CBD and no other plant material, cannabinoids, terpenes, or essential oils.

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2. Broad Spectrum CBD

Manufactured cannabinoid-specific mixes. Broad Spectrum CBD products contain all the plant material, essential oils, terpenes, and cannabinoids except THC, which is stripped out during manufacturing.

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3. Full Spectrum CBD (CBD PLUS)

CBD derived from Cannabis plants. Full Spectrum CBD products contain all the other plant material, essential oils, terpenes, and cannabinoids, including trace amounts of THC, usually less than 0.3%. The Herb Angels brand refers catagorizes Full Spectrum CBD products as CBD PLUS.

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