We Bring The Philosophy Of


Herb Angels is a brand that provides a more natural and holistic approach to health and wellness. Herb Angels believes that cannabis can bring balance and harmony to our daily lives.

Each of us has our own reasons for consuming cannabis. Perhaps you’re looking for a more restful sleep, to ease pain, manage stress, or increase your sense of clarity and focus. At Herb Angels we also know that everyone’s body is as specific as their reasons for turning to cannabis. The way our bodies react is unique to us, and therefore needs to be handled with care and precision.

Our philosophy is built on the idea of treating your body as a system in synergy. We create cannabis solutions designed to help restore your body to its natural, healthy functions, and return you to a state of complete synergy.


Science has shown us that mitigating the effects of harmful attacks on our body and supporting our body’s naturally existing healthy functions has given us the ability to set a new standard for balanced living. With a synergistic approach, Herb Angels can help you bring more balance to your everyday life in these key areas.

Support Sleep & Enhance Relaxation

Calm Stress & Relieve Anxiety

Increase Clarity & Focus

Manage Pain & Reduce Inflammation

Improve Recovery & Daily Wellness




Our cannabis extracts, whether isolates or distillates, are free of unwanted solvents, waxes and lipids. With greater purity often comes greater potency. Each of our products is rigorously lab-tested to deliver a consistent and effective dose.



Simple labelling, consistency, and buildable dosages make it easy to safely and effectively incorporate cannabis into your life, specifically developed to meet needs with desired effect.



Through advanced techniques to purify our extractions, or simply the high-quality cannabis plants we extract from, Herb Angels vows to give our customers the best of the best.

We invite you to experience the possibilities!


The Collection


Our collection of tincultures offer an arrangement of dosages and effects, and a versatility of usages (topically and orally).


Best suited for oral ingestion, our collection of tablets and capsules are great for portion control and portable.


Sleek and discrete, take your Herb Angels Vape pen with you. Best of instant titration from your choice of effects.